New Orleans: our beautiful hotel, the Q&C, an anti-ghost plan

When we took our plane tickets to Louisiana, we very quickly looked for a hotel for our stay in New Orleans.

We had read that it was absolutely necessary to sleep in the “French quarter”, the historic district of Nola. After hours of searching the Internet, we realized that we would not find a hotel that was not haunted in this area. What are you going to tell me about a ghost? For our part, we preferred to sleep in peace!

New Orleans

The first hotel we liked and identified was famous for its ghost of a woman in a red dress walking down the stairs and the laughter of children bursting into the night. The second is inhabited on one floor by the ghost of a father of young girls who comes to dismantle the door handles so that young men do not come to their rooms to find them. Well well well well well… The few hotels that may not be haunted – a check on haunted rooms is necessary – was frankly not to our liking.

We slept in the business district, central business district, a few blocks from the French quarter and the area was quite safe. No one was zoning (I’m not talking about ghosts, right!) We even loved our hotel, the Q & C. If you also want to book nights, the suburb of Marigny and Bywater are also close to the historic heart and you can easily walk around it. We met a rather young, bobo or trendy population.

But let’s get back to Q & C! The Queen & Crescent has been redesigned very recently. I exchanged a few emails with the hotel staff before booking to make sure that the rooms were all renovated and that there were no other hidden buildings in poor condition, as in other establishments. All the bad reviews that hang around on the web are from before the work because the Q & C is now just beautiful and perfectly to our taste!

Visible bricks, woodwork, soft bedding: we loved it. We rented a King room, the most modest room. We chose to visit Nola at the end of our stay to save on the hotel price. All prices are high in Nola and they go crazy during the festival period (almost all the time, therefore). Our budget for three nights for two: 564 €. The parking for the four days and three nights cost us the pretty sum of 75 dollars. And again, we avoided the valet….

We did not take advantage of the bar and restaurant area for breakfast, to test good addresses in the city.

If you want to visit New Orleans, I can only recommend Q & C, a very nice and clean design hotel!

Q&C Hotel and Bar344
Camp St, New Orleans, LA 70130, United States